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You have been chosen and we thank you for your sacrifice. 
In return we offer you the opportunity for eternal life - but there are conditions. 

ETERNAL is a 20 minute immersive audio experience for one person, alone in their bed. It explores the quandary of eternal life and wonders what price you would settle for to achieve it.


DOUBLE is a troubling exercise in familiarity for two people sitting opposite each other on either side of a kitchen table

Double explores the Capgras delusion, a terrifying condition in which the sufferer is convinced that a loved one has been replaced by an exact replica with malign intentions.

There is only one rule: everyone has to be who they say they are.

Visitors_Title White copy.png

Visitors is a 20 minute, immersive audio encounter for two people to experience together in their living room in their home.


It is a reflection on our irrepressible desire to touch and why the dead find so little comfort in the world of the living.

A dead couple look for a temporary solution to their permanent condition.


We ask you to be careful who else you invite in.

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